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No extra fees for Madang schools

All Government run schools in the Madang Province are not allowed to charge any school or project fees this year.

Provincial Education Director Moses Sariki, says, this is because they do not have a Provincial Education Act that allows schools to charge fees for all TVET, elementary, primary, high and secondary schools in the province.

Mr Sariki says, because Madang does not have such a law unlike provinces like East New Britain, they will have to go by the Education Secretary’s circular of 2016, which prohibits school fees and other related fees.

He however explains that while schools are still allowed to collect extra money, it has to be done with the approval of the provincial education board, and must be accompanied by proper documentation of projects that the schools want to implement.

Mr Sariki also emphasized that school administrations and boards must not make decisions in isolation from parents but must always seek their approval through the Parents and Citizens Association meetings.

This means if parents agree, schools can then ask the PEB to allow them to collect what he terms as "parental contributions" for special school needs.

NBC News - Anisah Issimel
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