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Rain and strong winds to end soon, says PNG weather service

The current weather situation experienced in Port Moresby city should ease up by the weekend.
The National Weather Service (NWS) Operations boss, Jimmy Gomoga said the rain and strong winds experienced lately is caused by a weather system forming out at the Coral Sea.
“We are closely monitoring the system but at this stage it is not forming into a cyclone, which is good,” he said.
“Port Moresby City will continue to experience strong winds and rain with heavy rain expected this afternoon at around 4pm and it will continue up until the weekend when it’s expected to stop.”
The NWS has also issued warning to small boats to take precaution or best not to venture out to sea during this time.
Meanwhile, Tropical Cyclone Fehi is no longer a threat to the southern part of the country because it has moved down south towards New Zealand. Photo credit: Alexander Rheeney
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