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Biem Island Volcano becomes active - Second volcano eruption in East Sepik

There is a second volcano in East Sepik. East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird released a statement confirming that  volcanoe on Biem exploded at 3am this morning. "Last night I dispatched the PNG Defence Force landing craft to evacuate 1,700 evacuees at Ruprup island. At 1 am, I was informed that Biem island volcano, as we feared, is now also becoming active. I have changed our engagement in the disaster. Biem is now our priority because there are more than 3,000 people on that island. I have directed all efforts to Biem island as our top priority.  I have also requested the use of the South Sea Tuna vessel to immediately steam to Ruprup island and begin evacuating our people there. We now have two volcanoes in the process of erupting concurrently. We are doing our best and deploying all our assets to this effort. I ask the entire nation to pray for mercy so that no life can be lost in this impending disaster and I thank everyone for their prayers. We are running out of fuel and we don't have enough boats. East Sepik Province needs your prayers", the governor said in a statement,

Meanwhile, the governor will be talking to Prime minister Peter O’Neill to increase resources to evacuate the three island communities to the mainland. Preparations are underway at Dandan for the resettlement of the affected islanders.
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