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BSP Lights up Pilakambi Secondary School in Enga

Pilakambi Secondary School in Wabag, Laiagam District has become one of the first remote schools in Enga province to have solar lights in classrooms and dormitories, thanks to Banks South Pacific (BSP). The delivery of the lights was part of  the BSP  Wabag branch 2018 community project initiative, subsequent to the theme for  this year's Community Projects "Solar lights in High Schools" near each BSP branch,  especially for boarding schools.

Branch staffs with the help of a local contractor installed solar panels and connected led lights to a total of 10 classrooms and 2 dormitories for Pilakambi Secondary.

BSP Branch Manager for Wabag Thomas Tembil said, "BSP believes that providing Solar lights to schools will help improve literacy rates as well as an increase number of student intake into Tertiary Education."

"With these lights now installed for the school, it may now enhance student's night studies and also provide a safe and secure environment in the campus for all," Mr Tembil added.

Pilakambi Secondary School Principal Ms Kangun, expressed her gratitude to BSP for recognising a remote schools very need and attending to it.

"The initiative is an eye opener for the community and we urged the community to take ownership of this asset and look after it, as it will benefit us all local villagers around here," She said.

BSP Wabag branch is the first out 46 community projects rolled out for this year based on the theme "Solar lights in High Schools" to officially hand over its project.

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