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Offenses committed by Teachers in PNG must be reported : TSC

The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) is urging responsible authorities and stakeholders to report offenses committed by teachers.

Teaching Service Commission Principal Legal Advisor Mr Joel Nava raised this concern after receiving no reports from the Provincial Education Boards for the last five years as well as School Inspectors and District Administrators.  

Mr Nava said offenses committed by teachers in provinces not been effectively addressed by responsible people were of grave concern.

“These offenses include those that are criminal in nature as well as those that are merely disciplinary offences.

“The ineffectiveness in handling these offences starts with reporting.

    “Under the Teacher Disciplinary Manual which has been distributed to all provinces, anybody who becomes aware of wrongs committed by teachers should report the matter.

“However, people still have the mindset that only those in educational hierarchies should report the allegations,” Mr Nava said.

 He said School Inspectors, District Administrators and PEBs should perform their duties by charging teachers reported of committing offenses.    

“Under the District Development Authority Act, the District Administrators are also charging officers.

“The police can also deal with teachers who committed criminal offences if these offences are reported to the police. “He said.

“The lack of performing charging duties particularly by the District Administrators and the Inspectors is of grave concern.

 “There is a serious concern that provincial education boards are not performing their legislated duties to deal with teachers who have been charged.

 “With the non-existence of PEB disciplinary committees in the provinces, it makes it difficult to deal with teacher disciplinary cases at the provincial level,” he said.

 Mr Nava urged those PEBs to establish their disciplinary committees so that teachers’ disciplinary cases can be dealt with effectively.  

 “Teacher discipline needs all stakeholders to play their parts in performing legislated roles so that teacher professional behavior is maintained,” Mr Nava said.
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