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Prode on CS Officers who stormed Parliament Haus expected to conclude this week

A preliminary investigation internally for Correctional Services officers who stormed parliament is expected to be completed this week.

CS Acting Commissioner Stephen Pokanis reveals that last week 20 officers received notices for allegedly storming the parliament and more is expected at the end of this week after the completion of the investigations.

The notices were given by the CS Deputy Commissioner Operations Dennis Piandi who was tasked by the Acting Commissioner last week.
Pokanis said the focus now is to identify really who was involved in the incident on Tuesday 20th November and from there further charges would be laid against them under laws of CS.

This is the beginning of the probe and from the responses, other administrative disciplinary actions will follow. Pokanis said different approaches are taken to deal with the issue of APEC allowances and the storming of parliament. He stressed this when asked if officers involved in the storming of parliament wouldn’t be paid if they were found to have been involved in the storming of parliament.

Pokanis said the issues are separate and police commissioner is taking the lead on the allowance issue whilst the storming of parliament has been dealt with separately by respective law enforcement agencies to instil discipline.

“Officers must be paid as it is the responsibility of the government and payment must be made despite the damages to the parliament”, said Pokanis.

He further stressed that he presumes APEC allowance owed to its members who took part in providing security during the APEC meet have been paid.
Pokanis mentioned this saying no more complaints have been raised to him of the allowance issue after the storming of the parliament by Joint Security Task Force (JSTF) members including CS officers.

When asked how much was actually owed to CS officers, he said only the JSTF Commander and Police Commissioner Gari Baki knew.

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