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O'Neill Govt announces K3 billion Highlands Highway Rehabilitation program

The National Government will spend K3 billion to rehabilitate the Highlands Highway.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill announced this in Goroka on Friday.

The 430km of the two-lane national highway from Lae's Nazab Airport to Kagamuga Airport in Mount Hagen will be rehabilitated, upgraded and effectively maintained for ten years.

The project is funded under a multi financing facility and co financier partners Government of PNG and the Asian Development Bank loan with a 2% repayment interest rate for over 30 years.

The investment is expected to build the economy,create jobs, spin off activities, and improve social services like health, education and agriculture.

Mr O'Neill says the population of the country is increasing at an alarming rate and vital infrastructure like roads must be built to serve today's population.

The project will start in few months.

NBC News / PNG Today

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