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Police Unit established to recoup PNG APEC assets

A POLICE Unit has been established in the National Capital District to commence the recovery of all states assets including vehicles purchased for the APEC meetings.
The Department of Finance has requested the assistance of Police in the recovery of assets purchased over the last three years leading up to and including the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November 2018.
The state asset recovery exercise will come under the command of Superintendent Dennis Corcoran, Director of Police Transport.
Superintendent Corcoran said, “The establishment of the unit which will be known as the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU) is an initiative taken by the Constabulary to assist the Department of Finance address the on-going misuse and abuse of State assets that were bought using the people’s money.’
“All state assets especially vehicles purchased by Government agencies and authorised for certain proposes have been claimed by certain individuals through unlawful means. Any one obtained or is in possession of state asset through illegal means will be arrested and charged.”
The SARU will comprise of members of the Special Services Division and the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTFT).
Superintend Corcoran is calling on those who are in possession of state assets to return them immediately. He is also appealing to the general public to come forward with any information that will assist in this recovery exercise.
Meanwhile, members of the PPTFT today arrested a man who police alleged used his position as an officer of the APEC Coordinating Authority to enter the wharf premises in Port Moresby to pry open the fuel caps of the parked APEC vehicles and siphoned fuel from them.
The suspect was apprehended with instruments used for siphoning fuel. He also had two identifications cards, a PNG driver’s licence and an ACA staff employee card with different names.
The suspect has been arrested, charged and in police custody. Police Media

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