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Patience pays off, Parkop tells PNG Hunters Camp

As the SP PNG Hunters prepare to face the Sunshine Coast Falcons at home turf tomorrow (Sunday 24 of March), NCD Governor Powes Parkop paid a much-needed visit to their camp in the city on Thursday evening.

Mr Parkop was in their camp to have fellowship with them and give them morale support through words of encouragement after they suffered two consecutive losses in the Intrust Super Cup championships.

He complemented his speech with a K20, 000 cash incentive as match wages for the players and the team management.

Of this, K1000 each is up for grab amongst the players on someone who scores the opening and the winning tries.

He was accompanied by John Kaupa, Moresby North-East MP and Minister for Housing and Urbanization, Justin Tkatchenko who is the MP for Moresby South and Minister for Lands and Physical Planning, and his staff.

They all participated in their evening fellowship.

Governor Parkop said the leaders in the government and the people are behind the team.

He added that for the youths in the country to be on the positive side of life, one thing that motivates and inspires the youths is Rugby League, not to mention other codes of sports which are not popular.

He further said the SP PNG Hunters team should leverage and use the platform ‘to get the best out of our young men,’ adding they can become role models to inspire others to join them.

“The discussions of the PNG NRL Bid is still ongoing. The vision for the Hunters Team project is to give you all an opportunity and at the same time, it is to use the game for the overall development of the country,” said Parkop who is the former chairman of the PNG NRL Bid.

He encouraged them to use the platform to go miles in their journey.

Mr Parkop continued that the when he was watching their last match at the National Football Stadium, the team was competitive.

However, he advised that players should have control over the game and stop putting themselves under more unnecessary pressures from the home crowd.

“Do not try to play other people’s game. Play it according to your skills and game plans. Importantly, be patient and enjoy the game."

"Success comes to those who are patient. They should not rush to score tries and play their own game and not try to fill the shoes of the former Hunters players," he advised them.

Accordingly to him, similarly, he played his own game in running the affairs of city in line with his visions to make great, safe and clean.

Parkop said despite being a new team in the competition, its performance thus far is outstanding.

Minister Tkatchenko encouraged them to become team players on the field.

He said the composition of the team is new and that they ‘need to connect, know and partner with each other’ to win the matches.

Minister Kaupa said the country was concerned when they were losing twice.

He added that they were the best, calling on them to improve their weaknesses to register their first win.

“We are concerned so we are here to give you morale support and encouragement,” he said.

The trio assured the team that they will forgo their commitments and turn up on Sunday to watch them play live at the stadium.

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