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PM O''Neil slams Kua's misleading statement

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has called out the Member for Sinasina Yonggumugl, Hon. Kerenga Kua MP, for making mischief again with his latest diatribe over Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas’ Constitutional reference on the legality or not of the District Development Authorities.

“Quite contrary to Mr Kua’s narrow and misleading perspective, I am aware of the matter on which Sir Peter has chosen to seek a Supreme Court interpretation,” the Prime Minister said.

“The Government caucus is also aware of this, but it is not the place of myself or the caucus to interpret the law. This is role of the courts. Similarly, when it comes to changes of law this is the role of the Parliament.

“It is every Member’s constitutional right to challenge in court any issue they consider pertinent.

“The matter is not something that can be resolved at caucus level because it is a legislative matter, as the shadow Attorney General is also aware.

“Caucus cannot decide on the law, only the courts can do this and Sir Peter has taken his action after informing me of his intentions.

“Mr Kua will realise that as a transparent government, we do not coerce or force our members to do our bidding.

“These leaders are representatives of the people and the must be free to exercise their own rights and represent their people’s rights.

“Our Government knows that support is built on respect and honouring commitments, and would not engage in the nonsense suggested by the Member for Sinasina Yonggumugl.

“Mr Kua’s tone implies that the Opposition will condemn any of their members who do or says something that the leadership does not like.

“I urge all members to take a stand against authoritarian dictatorship of that sort in the opposition.

“If Members of the Opposition support our policy platform, and are prepared to put cheap politics aside and are working hard for their electorates, we will consider them joining the Government.

“They can exercise their constitutional rights any time they chose. “That said, I welcome the opportunity to debate this matter in court.”

PM O’Neill said there are a number of other issues which need to be ironed out in relation to the legal structure of the Provincial and Local Level Government system.

“There are instances, in my view, where the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments is in conflict with the Constitution in relation to concurrent membership of the national and provincial legislature.

“So this action gives us an opportunity to debate this with a view to correcting what might not be currently correct.”

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