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No Loans to build K2 billion China Town in Port Moresby, says Governor Parkop

NCD Governor, Hon Powes Parkop has expressed disappointment over social media comments, specifically on 'The PNG News Page' regarding the proposed K2billion development in Port Moresby.

Mr Parkop said people were making comments without knowing the facts about the development. He is particularly concerned about the funding and the use of the name 'China Town'.

" Firstly, it is not a loan. There is no Government funding involved as it is totally private funding".

Gov Parkop's response was in reference to social media commentators' allegations of the Government taking out huge loans to fund the proposed development and continues to neglect basic government services in the provinces.

He also confirmed that the site of the proposed development is not East Boroko, but did not specify the actual site.

Mr Parkop brushed aside comments regarding the takeover of Papua New Guinea by China with China Towns everywhere in Papua New Guinea.

He counters that the name Chinatown is not only used in Papua New Guinea but a feature of many major metropolitan cities around the world.

"Chinatown are features of many major metropolitan cities around the world - New York, Los Angles, Vancouver, Sydney, Brisbane, London, Toronto,Lima in Peru, Johannesburg in South Africa and many more cities of the world.

"Even Singapore has a Chinatown.

"Such hub adds cultural, social, commercial and business values to these cities and it is good for Port Moresby to have such a facility or hub. It will also add another level of shopping, eatery and recreational hub to the City and it will create employment and income into the city".

He said he would welcome any intending investors to the City and was ready to assist them.

"If other Private Capital investors want to invest in the City too we are ready to welcome and be of assistance to them. US, Australia, UK, Japan etc are all welcomed to invest in Port Moresby".

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