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Bougainville Court orders payment of K1 as Compensation

Bougainville's  Buka District court has ordered that the complainant be paid only ONE KINA as compensation from her claim of TEN THOUSAND KINA.

Provincial Magistrate BRUCE TASIKUL made the order after the complainant FATIMA KOLIS had filed a court case against IVAN GASI, NIGEL MILO and GERIO GASI claiming TEN THOUSAND KINA for physical assault, insulting words damaging of properties and other related costs.

According to the decision by the Magistrate, the complainant and her relatives have not complied with previous court decisions by the local land court, the District court and the national court.
This resulted in her and her relatives being attacked by the accused.

The question the Magistrate asked when handing his decision was if the complainant never respected or complied with these court orders, can she now come to this same court to seek redress for being assaulted?

Yes, she had the right to claim damaged for the injuries implicated on her by the defendant however she was entitled only for what he termed as contemptuous damages in the sum of ONE KINA.

New Dawn FM / PNG Today

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