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Morobe's Kabwum MP Pledges Support To O’Neill Govt

The Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Patrick Basa says as a first time parliamentarian and a one man party to the Alotau Accord 2, he will stand by the O’Neill government until the 2022 general election.

The Member for Kabwum in Morobe Province said yesterday in light of the looming vote of no confidence and the division of the nine Morobe MPs including the governor.

Mr Basa said for the first time Kabwum district has been given a ministerial portfolio and he will stand by Mr O’Neill until 2022.

“The government will not change. Remove us in 2022 when you have the majority,” Mr Basa said.
He said that after his recent extensive visit to Kabwum district he has been assured and received support by the people of Kabwum to be on his side and the stance he has taken.

“As a leader I made my stance and I will stand with that decision and fall down with it (decision),” Mr Basa said. He said that he was part and parcel of the O’Neill-led government which was backed by the Kabwum people who voted him into parliament.

“Everyone (MPs) will be responsible to their people come 2022 (election),” Mr Basa said.

He urged Kabwum people residing in Lae and speaking out against him to go back to Kabwum and partner him develop the district. He said for the first time physical developments are happening in Kabwum district, one of the least developed in the country since independence 43 years ago.

Mr Basa outlined that the Kabwum to Lae highway was given K2 million by Mr O’Neill last week and work has started to connect Erap (Markham) to Dinangat (Kabwum).

He said for first time the district is building four highs schools and a secondary school opened last year.

He said for the first time as well Kabwum will have a district hospital given the K5 million by Mr O’Neill.

He said prioritized developments in Kabwum include the K300,000 public service water supply project as well K250,000 to Yalumet and Bungawat water supply projects respectively. He said K1 million has been allocated to wards development.

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