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Sandaun Governor Wouwou joins Opposition Camp second time

In another move, Sandaun Governor Wouwou has joined the Opposition camp second time around. Last week, Mr Wouwou stun Papua New Guinea that attracted criticism on Social Media and Media  when he was in the Opposition Camp in the morning and joined the Government Camp in the evening of the same day.

Mr.Wouwou then joined the opposition camp again over the weekend. This puts all five MPs from the Sandaun Province   in the Laguna camp.

“We have the member for Vanimo Green, the member for Aitape-Lumi, the Member for Nuku and now we have the Governor. I am the here as the Member for Telefomin,”  Former Defence Minister, Solan Mirisim  said in the news conference.

Various MPs including East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, defended Mr. Wouwou saying he had to seek consent from his people before officially moving to the opposition.

Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah, who did a head count this afternoon said the camp now had two thirds of the  governors in the country. Adding it was a sizable figure that expressed how provinces were feeling.

His arrival this afternoon now adds one more MP to the camp, bringing to the number to 58.

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