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PNG APEC 2018 Report will be Tabled

The APEC Papua New Guinea 2018 Co-ordination Authority is responsible for the furnishing of APEC Report, says former APEC Ministers Justin Tkatchenko.

''Completion of the APEC report for the implementation year 2018 is awaiting Department of Prime Minister & NEC, and Department of Finance completing their financial reports respectively.

The furnishment of these Reports have been subject to verification and finalization and settlement of outstanding payments to Suppliers and Service Providers for APEC Goods and Services.
This is because procurement processes of goods and services were facilitated by Prime Ministers Department from 2015 to 2017 and by Finance Department in 2018 for the delivery year respectively.

Irrespective however, the Authority will submit its reports based on the records it has.
The need for closure to APEC 2018 is paramount for the Authority at this stage.

Government processes and procedures as per the Act, have been the main cause for the delay in furnishing the finalized Report.

The Authority operates and is guided by its own Act; the APEC Papua New Guinea 2018 Coordination Authority Act 2014.

There is a process to be followed before the Act is Repealed.
Under the Act, the 'winding up' of the APEC Authority is complete when I have received its Report and deem the final report to be satisfactory.
This Report will then be tabled in Parliament for the Repeal of the Act.

A period of 12 months was allowed with the consent of the State Solicitor for the 'winding up' process, and the furnishing of the Report in accordance with the Act.
Key Authority staff involved in this process were retained for this period.

This period was to begin at the completion of the APEC 2018 Leaders Summit in Port Moresby and end later this year.
Progress by the Authority however has ensured that the full 12 month period will not be required.

Key points to note prior to the tabling of the APEC Report are set out below.
These include the disposal of APEC vehicles and the Tender process for the Maseratis and Bentleys

i) The APEC Authority is in its final stages of furnishing the Report.
This Report will cover all activities and performance of the Authority.
It will also include all Financials.

ii) The final part of the Report is the Audit Report of the Financial Statements prepared by a First Tier Firm of Auditors and Accountants with an office in Port Moresby.
The Auditor General’s Audit Tender Committee is in the process of appointing an independent auditor.
This is in accordance with Section 24, and Section 29 Subsection (2)(a)of the Act.

iii) The disposal of APEC vehicles now lies with the Finance Department in accordance with the Act.
A public tender was also issued for the Maseratis and Bentleys under the Act.
The delay in the process of disposal under the tender is because no reserve price was set, and therefore initial repose was limited.

From Finance Department reports, One Bentley and one Maserati were sold.
The remainder are being prepared for sale.

A submission to the National Executive Council has been prepared for the final disposal of remaining vehicles. NEC will deliberate on this submission.

For further clarity, Section 6 of the Act defines the functions of the Minister Responsible for APEC and demarcates this functions from the Independence of the Authority.

(1) The functions of the Minister are to -
(a) receive and consider reports from the Authority to ensure that it complies with this
Act; and
(b) ensure that the objectives of the Authority are being achieved in accordance with this Act.
(2) The Minister shall not give directions to the Authority, APEC Papua New Guinea Supply and Tenders Board, the Operations Taskforce or any committee established under this Act or third party engaged by the Authority, in relation to the discharge of powers and functions under this Act.

The Act is very clear on my functions as the Minister from ensuring that Authority Objectives are achieved in accordance with it, right up to the receipt and presentation of the Report to be tabled in Parliament.

The Act is also very clear in Subsection (2) on my role in relation to the discharge of powers and functions of the Authority.

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