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PNG Governor General Office clarifies on Prime Minister’s wife title

By: JOSU KIM/ FM 100

The office of the PNG Governor General has clarified that the official title of Prime Minister James MARAPE’s wife is Mrs. MARAPE.

Last week journalists were heavily criticized for addressing the Prime Minister’s wife as First Lady Rachael.

In an interview with FM 100, the office of the Governor General says that the correct official title when addressing the Prime Minister’s wife is Mrs.

It says for countries that have presidential system as in the United States of America and China the wife of the president is addressed as First Lady.

Papua New Guinea is in the Commonwealth group of nation where the Queen is the head of State, the Governor General who represents the Queen, is therefore the highest ranking official in the country.

His wife in this case is to be formally addressed as Lady which also applies to the wife of a knighted male who has the title of Sir.

According to the office of GG, for Papua New Guinea’s male Prime Ministers who are not knighted, the wife is to be officially addressed as Mrs. and not Lady or First Lady.

The Governor General’s office added that for unofficial address, the Prime Minister’s wife can also be addressed as Madam.

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