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PNG govt to invest K200 million annually in Agriculture

Transforming PNG to becoming the food basket of Asia Pacific is a vision which Prime Minister James Marape and his government are embarking on.

Speaking during the official opening of the multimillion dollar three storey Fresh Produce Development Authority building in Goroka last Friday, PM Marape plans to see this become a reality by 2025 when PNG celebrates its 50th anniversary. 

For this dream to become a reality, the Prime Minister made a commitment to invest K200 million annually into agriculture starting next year and into the next ten years.

PM Marape said he will visit all Agricultural agencies to view their submissions in order for the government to have a clear picture on how to assist.

According to statistics presented to him, agriculture in PNG was once more than 70 percent of the revenue however has dropped to being less than 30 percent of PNGs revenue.

With the decline in Agriculture, PM Marape said he plans on setting up special economic enclaves around the country to boost agricultural production.

He also wants to encourage households in the country to venture into Agriculture and the agencies with support from the government will help in the commercializing of agriculture so that households are empowered.

PM Marape also wants PNG to stop importing food which can be grown in the country and by 2025 start exporting PNGs produce to international markets in the Asia Pacific region.

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