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PNG PM Marape addresses the Nation on National Prayer and Repentance Day

PNG Prime Minister James Marape this morning addressed citizens throughout the country asking for forgiveness from all and the same time warned public servants of great disadvantage to follow those that abuse the office that they hold.

Speaking in front of a packed Sir John Guise Stadium this morning, PM Marape warned public servants, including him as Prime Minister, ministers, MPs, department heads and the public machinery in all sectors of education, health, police, defense, CIS and all statutory bodies to earn honestly or be cursed.

The Prime Minister made this statement on his keynote address to thousands of Christians on the National Prayer and Repentance Day this morning that was also televised live on EM TV and broadcasted live on radio stations FM100 and Wantok Radio Light.

PM Marape said basic Christian values and principles are very important to take note of and observed for the country to truly prosper and live in harmony.

He called for all citizens to practice this at home and on their neighbors.

The Prime Minister also while acknowledging the Christian Churches’ contribution to the country and the people, made the announcement that the cabinet are in the process of tabling the Bill that 10 percent of the country’s export takings will be given as the government’s tithe to the PNG Council of Churches.

Reverend Joseph Walters from the Body of Christ assured PM Marape that the churches are fully supporting his statement of making PNG the “richest black Christian nation” on the religious perspective and proposed several petitions on the pathway to achieving that.

Rev Walters said the first and foremost petition is for the Marape-Steven government to recognize the state of Israel as the origin and root of the Christian faith.

The other two highlighted petitions are of the possibility of setting up a government department that will focus entirely on churches’ affairs as well as making the PM Statement of PNG as the “richest black Christian nation” amended into the Constitution.

PM Marape in response said all these petitions are taken into perspective and on the same occasion next year, he will announce the outcome of those petition to everyone.

The 10th National Prayer and Repentance Day was for the first time this year held at a much bigger venue for the public to interact in the religious occasion.

For the past 9 years it was held at the National Parliament House.

The program which started as early as 4:30am saw praise and worship song presentations, sermons, prayers and speeches from religious leaders and faithful from the PNG Council of Churches which comprises of the 7 mainline churches of Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea, Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, The Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist and the United Church.

Prime Minister James Marape, Deputy Prime Minister Davis Steven, several state ministers from the cabinet, MPs, government departmental heads as well as heads and members of the public services commission and corporation also attended and participated in the activities to commemorate the day.

FM100/ PNG Today

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