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PNG Health Secretary maintains calls for open dialogue

Certain administrative actions taken by the Health Secretary Pascoe Kase over the last weeks had led to numerous calls made to the Government especially by executive members of the National Doctors’ Association (NDA) for the removal of Kase as Secretary to the National Department of Health (NDoH).

Speaking on FM100’s Talkback Show on Monday, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said he has issued a statement for the executives of the National Doctors’ Association requesting for a dialogue following invitations through the Secretary and the President of the NDA but has not received a response as yet.

Kase said, matters being raised concerning the health sector on social media and mainstream media are of relevance and could be discussed on the table as there is no secret about them.

When responding to call for his removal from post as the Health Secretary by the National Doctors’ Association, Secretary Kase said, it came as a surprise because as a Departmental Head, he knows the demarcations of roles and responsibilities between the NDoH, Provincial Health Authorities and Public Hospitals.

The Health Department is responsible for setting policies, setting standards and monitoring the health systems of Papua New Guinea and to him over the last four years, he knows that the department’s score cards with the government and the employer has been good, therefore, calls for the removal of him as Health Secretary has come as a surprise.

Kase said, such matters should have been raised during the National Department of Health’s Executive Quarterly Review Meetings as the Chief Medical Doctors some of whom make up the Executives of the NDA and are part of the executive team of the Department of Health.

He added none of these issues were raised during the Department’s routine executive quarterly review but have surfaced just now.


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