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PNG Health Secretary responds to NDA's calls on his sacking

PNG Health Secretary Pascoe Kase in a recent media statement says the responsibility to manage and administer the public health system and the National Department of Health is both a privilege and an enormous challenge.

Mr Kase says he has sought to make this media statement because his efforts to communicate with the President and Secretary of National Doctor Association (NDA) were unsuccessful.

Earlier, Chief Emergency Physician at Port Moresby General Hospital and National Doctors Association Secretary, Dr. Sam Yockopua threatened to  resign as they have had “enough” of ignorance from the Senior Executive Management in NDOH to address the deteriorating health system and services in the country. He also called for sacking of Mr. Kas as Health secretary.

Mr Kase says we are a free society, and we benefit from the public exchange of ideas and this includes both putting forward views and listening to those of others.

He says since the announcement by Marape/Steven government on taking back PNG, the health department has identified 12 priorities to plan, implement and contribute to that vision in taking back health.

He says to achieve that objective, he has undertaken a review of his current management team and made administrative and management decisions to relieve two of his current Executive Managers off their current roles.

Mr Kase says he is confident that the two acting appointments will work with him to deliver Government priorities and the relieved Executive Managers have done their briefings and handed over responsibilities peacefully to the new acting Executive Managers and were welcomed by all staff last week

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