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PNG Nurses' Association Do not Support Doctor's call

The Papua New Guinea Nursing Association (PNGNA) have distance themselves from the National Doctors Association stand at the moment because the issue is not an union industrial matter and doesn’t have any direct impact on the financial members when it comes to industrial matters.

But PNGNA reckon it is an internal administrative and management issue in the NDOH that must be thoroughly investigated with hard facts and correct it before anything else.

PNGNA National President Frederick Kebai told FM100 news that they fully support the current Health Secretary’s stance in standing down of his non - performing officers in the NDOH and replacing them with effective knowledgeable managers.

He says the Senior Executive Managers are the “ears and eyes” to the Health Secretary when it comes to implementation of the government health policies as per the National Health plan and health services delivery is concern.

“When the above senior executive managers are not performing and reporting efficiently and effectively this will lead to the breakdown in health service delivery” Kebai says.

PNGNA will not support the call for the Health Secretary to STEP DOWN but due administrative process must be followed.

PNGNA trust and believes that with the new Health Minister in placed now he will do the right thing to ensure the NDOH office and SEM team and all the health personnel down the line will all perform to the expectations and health service delivery are maintained at the highest standard and will be of benefit to the people of this beautiful country.

FM100/ PNG Today

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