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We are not lazy, O'Neill tells Prime Minister James Marape

Former PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill tells Prime Minister Marape that Members of Parliament are not lazy. "There has been a lot of discussion between respected political leaders today following the court application filed by the Opposition Leader.

As Members of Parliament we must continue to focus more on the issues that the country is facing rather than playing politics to satisfy ego or play the blame game.

To suggest that politicians are lazy and were not performing is not true and we must maintain dignity and maturity in our political discussion.

Former PNG Prime Minister Hon. Peter O'Neill 

James Marape worked hard at developing and administering financial policy in our Government for more than seven years, as did Patrick Pruaitch as Treasurer and the same for Don Pomb Polye as Treasurer before him.

I don’t see that we have lazy politicians in those who have worked at the highest level of politics, what we do have is difference of opinion on policy, and that must be respected.

The delivery of services and infrastructure over the past eight years is evident right around the country, and each of the above gentlemen need to be commended for the role they played in our Government.

The performance of this Government’ will be judged at the end of its term at the next election, and that is in the hands of the people of our Nation.

"The Opposition will try their court challenge, and the independent and transparent court process will make its judgment based on the rule of law.

"In the meantime, we in Government must focus on the task we have before us, there has been too much talk and now the people want the delivery of services.

"It’s time to step up not blame down. Mr. O'Neill said.

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