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Paediatric Care Partnership forged between PNG and US

A management team from the one of the top children’s hospital in the United States arrived today in Port Moresby, signaling the start of a partnership aimed at improving child health care or pediatric care in the country.

The team from the Childrens Hospital Colorado in partnership with the PNG Tribal Foundation will be visiting the Nonga Base General Hospital in East New Britain and Yampu Health Centre in Enga, to sign agreements kick-starting this work.

PNG Tribal Foundation President GT Bustin told NBC News, apart from bringing over specialized skills, there will also be staff exchanges between the hospitals as well.

"In partnership with the two local hospitals, the Children's Hospital Colorado will work on developing a model children's hospital suitable for PNG."

Childrens Hospital Colorado Medical Director Dr. Chris Nyquest says, paediatrics is a very specialized area and that there is 'a big need' for that here in PNG.

"There is a big need for paediatric training for nurses and physicians and the administration to really focus on the child and the family and that's what we hope to do," Dr. Nyquest said.

The team leaves for Enga on Tuesday 10th September and onto East New Britain on Wednesday 11th

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