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PNG UBS Loan Hearing Delayed

The preliminary sitting by the commission of inquiry into the UBS loan scheduled for today did not eventuate due to incomplete administrative matters.

Sir Injia 
PNG Chairman of the UBS Commission of Inquiry Sir Salamo Injia announced that the commission is unable to sit today because of incomplete administrative matters.

Sir Salamo says further administrative arrangements to secure the resources required for the inquiry including technical experts are continuing.

He adds the Commission is in the process of addressing a number of other matters including statutory requirements in respect of the non – citizen component of the Commission’s staff.

The commission has also sought from the government an increase in the time frame, additional funds and additional technical experts for the inquiry.

A decision from the government on those requests is pending.

The commission is encouraging those public authorities that it has already approached or will approach to facilitate those administrative arrangements, to fast – track its requests in order for it to hold the preliminary sitting.

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