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Police fail to prosecute corrupt PNG Immigration Officers,says Kantha

PNG Chief Immigration Officer Solomon Kantha has raised concerns on Police failing to prosecute cases of corrupt immigration officers referred to them and police officers colluding with unlawful non-citizens to prevent their deportation from the country.

Mr Kantha was referring to a case where two Immigration Officers were terminated in April for fraudulently issuing a visa and were going to be prosecuted by Police Investigator attached to ICA but a Police Officer attached to the Gordons Minor Crimes demanded to take over the case.

Mr Kantha is disappointed that the Police Officer has been requesting allowances and requesting ICA to extend the visa of an unlawful Bangladeshi national whose visa was cancelled by the Minister for the person to be deported.

“It is disappointing that this officer is preventing ICA from lawfully carrying out its duties and seemed to be serving the interest of this unlawful non-citizen enabling this person to remain in the country unlawfully. The Bangladeshi’s lawyer has written to us complaining of extortion by Police and a former Immigration officer,” said Mr Kantha.

Mr Kantha said that the new Minister and Acting Commissioner has a big challenge ahead of them to clean up the Police Force and weed out corrupt officers who are working against the national interest and preventing other State agencies from implementing their duties.

Mr Kantha added that any Immigration officer engaged in corrupt practices will be terminated immediately. As we work to modernise our department and “take back PNG” there is no room for corruption in ICA.

“I have written to Police Minister Bryan Kramer and Acting Police Commissioner to investigate and deal with this officer and I hope that swift action is taken against such officers,” said Mr Kantha.

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