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Wagambie tells Port Moresby Police to stop 'Bad Practices'

“While I’m here, we will not sit down and relax.”

ACP NCD/ Central Anthony Wagambie Junior told members of the NCD/ Central Police this morning at his police parade since taking over the position recently.

Marching from the back of the Boroko Police Station to the car park area accompanied by the Police Band, members of the NCD/ Central Command assembled for ACP Wagambie who inspected the parade before giving his speech.

ACP Wagambie says there have been so much bad publicity about the Constabulary especially of NCD Police.

He told the Command that it is not hard to change and that he will emphasize on frontline supervision, focusing on getting the good things done and avoiding bad practices.

He also urged the command to work as a team, adding that doing the right practice as a team, the negative publicity can be changed into positivity.

ACP Wagambie Junior encourages the police officers not to feel defeated by the bad publicity but take it as a challenge and use that to better their performance.

“We must remember that as policemen and women, we come from an establishment which is one of the oldest and longest professional government organizations in this country,” says Wagambie Junior.

“Our forefathers wore zulu suits and brought colonial government officers into our villages where our people were still living in traditional lifestyle.”

“Police Force escorted missionaries who brought Christianity into the country.”

“With that understanding, we must live up to that pride and glory which was passed down for generations to our time and we need to bring that back.”

“Have respect and pride in the uniform that you wear, it is not a joke; it symbolizes the authority of the government.”

“You are here to serve and not to be served.”

He told the officers that if they joined the force for their own personal gain then they’re in the wrong place.

He warned those who are in police uniform but are on the other side of the law that he will soon catch up with them.

While challenging his officers, ACP Wagambie Junior also commended them for their commitment to their job.

“There are many good things that you all do that many a times go unnoticed.”

“Let’s keep on doing the good work, boost our morale and change around the negativity.”

ACP Wagambie Junior while acknowledging the public who gathered to witness the parade also urges them to change the bad attitudes.

“There is no respect for law anymore, if an officer tells you that what you are doing is wrong, do not do it.”

“The lack of respect by the public has also led to all these lawlessness in the communities.”

ACP Wagambie Junior says they will enhance the police operations in his command and NCD and Central Police will work together in a coordinated approach.

The work for the coordinated approach can be seen with the attendance of Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Goilala MP William Samb, Moresby North East MP John Kaupa, Motu Koitabu Assembly Chairman and NCD Deputy Governor Dadi Toka Junior, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou, Central Provincial Police Commander Johannes Yapi and respective heads of the NCD and Central Police units.  FM100/PNG Today

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