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PNG Govt to give K100 Million annually to Bougainville

Some more good news for the people of Bougainville as they move closer to the crucial time to vote for 'Independence' or 'greater autonomy.'

Prime Minister James Marape has made another commitment to honor a part of the 'Bougainville Peace Agreement.'

It is the move to begin paying the Restoration Development Grant including other funding components -something that has never been honored since the peace agreement in 2001.

Minister for Bougainville Affairs Sir Puka Temu told NBC News, that the Government has made a commitment to pay K100 million annually for five years starting this year.

The K100 million for Restoration and Development Grant is aimed at rebuilding infrastructure in Bougainville after the destruction caused by the crisis.

Meantime, Sir Puka Temu says the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will need about 200 to 300 million kina per annum to sustain itself if a majority of Bougainvilleans voted for Independence.

Sir Puka said the Region currently generates between 20 to 30 million kina a year.

The Minister for Bougainville Affairs said with its more than 300-000 population, there will be a shortfall.

NBC News / PNG Today

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