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99 Wards in PNG failed in LLG Elections

PNG Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato revealed today that he'll be advising the Inter Government Relations Minister Pila Niningi on the need for a supplementary Local Level Government election.

This is to cater for the 99 wards that had their elections failed in the recent LLG elections.

Mr. Gamato said only 6375 wards in the country conducted successful elections.

“The past LLG election, we failed ninety-nine – I failed ninety nine wards.

That represents about one percent of the total number of wards.

I have already gazetted the failed wards, and in the next couple of days or next week, I want to advise the Minister so that we can conduct the supplementary elections for those ninety-nine failed wards,” Mr. Gamato said.

Despite this, Commissioner Gamato says the LLG election was a success

The government had allocated a K100 million for the LLG election this year.

However, Commissioner Gamato says half of it has been released but to complete the supplementary LLG elections, they require the remaining component.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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