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Internet Cost in PNG To Be Reduced by 42% in 2020 : Dataco

Papua New Guinea will soon have low cost High Speed Internet . This is because the much talked Coral Sea Cable has already landed in Port Moresy and the link between Sydney and Port Moresby has been established

The completion of the layout of the cable has generated lots of questions about the speed and price of internet in PN

Dataco General Manager Commercial, Une O'Ome made a key announcement regarding the internet price during our pre sale function held at Hilton hotel

"Once the Coral Sea Cable System is up, we will have 1000 megabytes per second (mps) of internet speed which is 100 times faster than the current speed of 35 mps

"The current wholesale internet price goes at K640/gigabyte. With improved connectivity, we will reduce the price to K350/gigabyte, which is almost 42% reduction in current internet cost

"The wholesale internet price is too to drop by 42% in 2020" ..read more on PNG Technology Site : PNG eHow 

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