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Bougainville Poll Results : Bougainvilleans Want Independence from Papua New Guinea

Bougainvilleans have voted overwhelmingly for independence from Papua New Guinea.

Chairman of the Bougainville Referendum Commission, Bertie Ahern, announced results of the vote at the Hutjena Count Centre in Buka in the last hour, that 176,928 votes were for the option of Independence, while just 3,043 votes were recorded for the option of Greater Autonomy.

A total of 206,731 voters were certified to make their mark in the referendum.

Of this total 194,016 voters are resident Bougainvilleans, and a further 12,715 are non-residents, taking part from outside Bougainville shores, either on mainland Papua New Guinea or in the Solomon Islands or Australia.

Members of the Bougainville Referendum Commission have signed off on the referendum writ, which Mr. Ahern will return to the Governor-General.

NBC News / PNG Today

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