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EU recognizes Five Civil Society Organisations in PNG For their efforts in promoting Human Rights

The 2019 global theme for the International Human Rights Day is 'Youth Standing Up for Human Rights".

In line with this theme the EU recognizes five civil society organizations which have over the years worked with the EU in advancing and defending Human Rights in communities across Papua New Guinea.

These five organizations are: Child Fund Papua New Guinea, World Vision Papua New Guinea, Transparency International Papua New Guinea, City Mission PNG Limited and PNG Tribal Foundation.

These five organizations, each one of them in its own way, have significantly contributed to ensuring a peaceful and stable society for all in this country.

The specific topics addressed by these civil society organizations include: providing safe refuge centers and accommodation for victims of intimate partner violence and abused children; training and capacity building of front line workers; advocacy and awareness raising; advocating for the recognition of the work of Human Rights defenders and fighting corruption in the country.

They are just examples of many countless organizations and individuals who are at the forefront of promoting and defending human rights in Papua New Guinea.

The European Union recognizes the importance of the work of such organizations in defending human rights, often in the face of adversity and personal cost.

The European Union calls on all partners to allow such organizations and individuals to work in a safe and enabling environment, free from obstruction and insecurity.

The European Union will continue protecting, promoting and fulfilling human rights, and remains engaged in providing effective and innovative responses to existing and new challenges.

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