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PNG Opposition says 2020 Budget has no vision

The  Papua New Guinea Opposition has accused the government of handing down a National Budget, which has no vision and economic reform package to address the country's struggling economy.

Opposition spokesman and Shadow Treasurer Joseph Lelang, made this statement when responding to the 2020 Budget which was handed down on the 28th of November this year.

Mr. Lelang said that budget is filled with rhetorical nonsense about the past, speaks about budget holes and fake budget figures, and is likened to an old record repeating itself over and over again.

He said that their vision and mission as an alternate government is to take PNG forward, and not dwell and waste time on the past and its mistakes, but learn from its experiences and take PNG Forward.

The Shadow Treasurer also said that they as the Opposition have read the Budget documents, and found that there are risks and uncertainties that may derail the implementation of the 2020 Budget, which has been set out by the Government to achieve in the New Year.

NBC News / PNG Today

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