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PNG Parliament passes K18.7 Billion Budget

The 2020 budget of K18.7 billion has been passed on voices after 7 o'clock last night following the lengthy Parliamentary process.

Members of Parliament were given ample time to debate the budget which has been lacking in recent years.

After 2 PM shadow Treasurer and Kandrian/Gloucester MPJoseph Lelang gave the opposition's budget response.

Lelang and the opposition highlighted risks identified in the budget challenging the government into finding ways to prevent these especially with the expected downturn in the world economy in 2020.

The Opposition advised the government to grow the domestic economy in agriculture, tourism and small to medium business enterprises.

Prime Minister James Marape said this is an honest budget trying to address many challenges to bring PNG into the next 10 years.

Treasurer Ian Ling Stucky said it is a landmark budget aimed to repair the budget to set a clear pathway forward.

Other major bills were read, debated and voted on before Parliament rose for the year.

Parliament is adjourned to the 11th of February, 2020.

NBC news/ PNG Today

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