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Chinese Embassy in Fiji hopes good sense prevail over coronavirus ban

The Chinese Embassy says it hopes good sense will prevail when it comes to countries like Fiji restricting Chinese nationals from entering the country.

This comes after the Fijian Government made the decision last Sunday to impose the restrictions in light of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.

All foreign nationals who have been in China within 14 days of their intended travel to Fiji are now not allowed into Fiji.

The Embassy says it is working extremely hard to protect its people and also those from around the world including Fiji.

“We hope that the Fijian Government should minimise the negative impact on the movement of people as much as possible. The WHO stated that it continues to have confidence in China’s capacity to control the outbreak. There is no reason for measures that necessarily interfere with international travel and trade. WHO doesn’t recommend limiting trade and movement.”

China hopes that other countries will respect this clear recommendation.

Fiji’s Acting Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Yogesh Karan said they have done their groundwork in liaison with the WHO and Fiji’s Health Ministry before a decision on the restriction was made.

“Our decision is not different from what other countries have done, we have done our homework very well, we have done our research in terms of what other countries have done about decisions they have supposedly made and accordingly we have made our posting”

Karan said most areas of trade should not be affected.

“I don’t think trade will be affected because the goods will still be exported and imported, I mean except, perhaps there could be a sanction of meat and other things, but otherwise I think the advise that we have sought from the WHO it’s a well-calculated decision that Fiji has made.”

Meanwhile, two Fijian nationals are now under quarantine in New Zealand after arriving in Auckland on a flight from Wuhan in China last night.

Health Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete confirmed the two will remain isolated for two weeks to ensure they are clear of the Coronavirus.

They are part of 198 passengers who were evacuated from China and are now quarantined at a naval base in Auckland.

Dr Waqainabete said the two Fiji nationals will be quarantined for 14 days and will be released once the all-clear is given.

He said medical experts in Fiji will also review their status, however, local authorities have confidence in the measures implemented by New Zealand to protect against the spread of Coronavirus.

It is understood the offer by Air New Zealand was extended to other Fijians in Wuhan but only two showed interest in being repatriated.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services expects to receive a medical report tomorrow evening, confirming the status of two citizens who have been under quarantine in Nadi since Monday.

Samples were sent to the World Health Organisation laboratory in Melbourne Australia to test for Coronavirus.


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