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Bridging The Digital Divide : REELAE partners with Litehaus International to bring Online Learning to PNG and North QLD

  •  Australian software company, Reelae, provides free online learning licenses to not-for-profit charity, LiteHaus International
  • Licences to be distributed to students living in rural communities in Papua New Guinea and North Queensland to improve access to online education
Sydney, NSW, 26 June 2020 – Australian education software company, Reelae, is thrilled to announce its partnership with not-for-profit charity, LiteHaus International. This partnership is set to improve access to online learning for students living in remote communities in Papua New Guinea and North Queensland.

Reelae and LiteHaus International will work to bridge the digital divide in regional and remote communities by facilitating online learning through Reelae’s software, implemented through LiteHaus International’s Remote Learning Program. LiteHaus International will continue its efforts to ensure all high school students in these communities have access to their own personal digital device; while Reelae will provide these students with free access to its online learning platform for the remainder of 2020.

Reelae’s Founder and CEO, Samson Korawali, said: “Education is the cornerstone on which to build a successful and hopeful future for our young generation. One of Reelae’s founding principles was to build an online learning platform that was scaleable enough to reach students everywhere, whether you live in a big city or a remote village.”

“Every student deserves access to quality education, and digitising it brings us one step closer to this goal. We are excited to partner with LiteHaus International because we are aligned with the team’s mission to give children everywhere access to digital infrastructure to help them learn and realise their full potential,” added Korawali.

LiteHaus International’s Founder and Chairman, Jack Growden, said: “We want to give children across the world the tools to learn, the tools to dream and place opportunities at their fingertips. A quality education can only be a digital education in today’s world. Since our inception in 2017, we have provided digital learning opportunities for over 8,600 students across dozens of schools, spread over four countries.”

“By partnering with Reelae, schools in the rural, regional and remote communities we work with will be able to achieve better learning outcomes. Access to Reelae’s collaborative software platform will offer schools an opportunity to enhance the way students and educators can collaborate and communicate online,” added Growden.

Reelae and LiteHaus International’s partnership is effective immediately and will remain in place for the remainder of 2020.

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