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Young Woman Murdered in Port Moresby

A young woman was murdered in Port Moresby. According to Port Moresby Police, the incident occurred at Korobosea between 1400 hours and 1600 hours on Tuesday 23rd June 2020.

According to police homicide personnel, the body was a female namely Jennelyn KENNEDY aged between 19 and 20 years old who is now at the Port Moresby General Hospital Emergency Ward.

Her body was brought into the Emergency Ward by three (3) young men who came on a white Toyota Land Cruiser with registration number BFM 444.

Doctors at the hospital confirmed that she was dead before she was brought into the emergency ward. The body of the deceased had bruises from the head to the toe and also has knife wounds to her right leg and at the lower thigh.

The suspect is a mixed parentage of Jiwaka and New Ireland Province who's name is Bhosip Takip Kaiwi.

Police Action: CID Homicide team who attended to the deceased body confirmed that the identity of the deceased is Jennelyn Kennedy, who is mixed parentage of Gulf and Australia.

A crime report will be submitted also as soon as relatives report to the Homicide Office here in Boroko Police Station.

CID Homicide members of Boroko Police Station are dealing with the case.

Anyone knowing the whereabout of the suspect please contact Police on 1800100.

Insert: Suspect and Deceased female.

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