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PM Marape clears air over controversial arrival of Chinese Nationals onboard private Jet

Four foreigners who arrived on a private jet from Hong Kong on Monday are here on business and had been given “clearance” through the proper process, says Papua New Guinea  Prime Minister James Marape.

“They will be here for three days only and will leave tomorrow (today),” he said.

“They are been quarantined in a designated hotel and closely monitored as they carry out their business.”

He was responding to claims that the four had entered the country in a suspicious and clandestine manner on Monday.

Acting Health Secretary Dr Paison Dakulala signed the permission for the aircraft to land.
Marape said the four Chinese were “here to do business and had applied through the proper process to get clearance to come in”.
It is understood that three crew members entered the country with them.

According to National Pandemic Controller David Manning, the four came to present 50,000 face masks and 20 ventilators worth around K1 million and the items will be shipped later to the country.

“We felt that it (visit) had to be done under very controlled protocol. They are accommodated at the Hilton Hotel, will conduct all their meetings at the Hilton, and at the conclusion of the meeting, they will leave,” he said.

Dakulala told media that all health protocols were met and arrangements were made for the private jet to be allowed to land.
“The four came in their jet plane for business and will be here for three days. They met all the requirements, including taking a Covid-19 test that came back as negative before coming to the country.”

He said they wore personal protective equipment on arrival and agreed to conduct their business using the proper protocols for the three days.

Dakulala said he could not say the nature of their business in the country.
He said it was important to allow businesses to continue operating under the new normal.

Marape said “PNG needs to reopen its gate to allow people to continue operating their businesses as long as they meet the health protocols or requirements in place, and tested negative for the Covid-19”.

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