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COVID-19 Cases Spike in PNG, PM Marape calls for urgent meeting

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape has called for an urgent meeting of the medical community and the National Control Center  this afternoon following a spike in COVID-29.
Mr Marape  has  announced 8 additional cases of COVID-19 in the Country.

This now brings the total number of confirmed cases to 27.

Seven cases were reported in five days including two frontline health workers in the nation's capital, bringing the country's total to 19.

Speaking on the FM100 talkback show this morning, Mr Marape said the meeting will look at whether his directions for a massive testing in Port Moresby has been complied with.

The Prime Minister had also asked for a probe into why health workers at testing labs have contracted the disease, a report of which he's expecting at the meeting.

He said it's a concern these health workers are being infected when they should have personal protective equipment.

Mr Marape said the Controller will issue directions for further massive testing in Port Moresby later in the week.

He said the Government does not want to disrupt normalcy so it is important people be serious in complying with health directives as part of their lifestyles living with COVID-19.

NBC/ PNG Today

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