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Port Moresby Police urged to remain neutral ACP Wagambie


Let me again remind all members in this command that we have work to do. Crime never ends.

The political situation comes at the normal end of Grace period of the office of PM.

For Police, we have no Grace period. Our work to protect the citizens continues. Chain of command of the Constabulary has not changed. Command structure remains in place.

Do not take orders or do favors for civilians during this time. Political situations has turned us the members of the RPNGC against each other. For goodness sake we are one. If you claim to be a member this command, you will take this directive seriously.

Any deployment will come from Commissioner of Police authorisation. Units to take part in such activities will come from NSU SSD.

Needing protocol escort, will come from Traffic. That's how it is and that's how it should always be.

Security and safety can be accorded to both sides. Government and Opposition as they are all our elected leaders.

But must be under the authorisation of the COP.

We in NCD /Central need to keep intact for the people we serve. I also appeal to the residents in NCD to go about normal business.

Let us allow our National Leaders do their business in Parliament. Our leaders are mandated by their people and for that matter they serve us in Parliament.

They are there to set the path for our country, so let us accord them that respect and freedom to do so.

The days of so called hijacking and kidnapping of Members of Parliament to bring to political camps are over.

We have to get past this. We live in a modern democratic society where every individual has equal rights to chose what is best for him and herself.

This is illegal and is deprivation of liberty, an arrestable offence. Members of Parliament should be allowed to move about freely and decide where they stand in regards to running of our country.

I will not allow what had been experienced in the past where there was a standoff between different factions of Police.

This is dangerous for internal security and brings fear to citizens.

My Metropolitan Superintendent Perou Ndranou and his officers have so far, in NCD been able to keep control of all our personnel.

I am pleased to report that Police Operations have been normal for this command over the last couple of days and today.

We will keep it that way.

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