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Calls for Accountability of PNG COVID-19 Funds

The Papua New Guinea  Government has been urged to ensure there are transparency and accountability in the COVID-19 funds from development partners and use from internal revenue.

Catholic Bishop's Conference Secretary Fr. Giorgio Liccini said that though the Government should be commended for its handling of COVID 19, it must provide a report.

He said that the government has promised to provide a report of the expenditure of these funds before the end of the year, but they have yet to provide one, and 2020 will be ending in a couple of days' time.

Apart from the initial K45 million said to be released early this year, reporting of internal funding allocations and that of development partners is yet to be made clear.

Fr. Giorgio Liccini, said, it is very important that the people are being told how much funding has been allocated from within the country and how much from outside. 

''You know that the government has been elected by the people, and nothing should be hidden from the people.

''But what happens, unfortunately, is that when you try to acquire information, you usually find doors closed.

''I think that should change if it is true that the government is there for its citizens.

''Everyone is still in doubt, as to how the COVID-19 funds were used, how many donations, how much was collected from development partners in the beginning, how many internal funds were used, how much was spent already, how much left, etc, said Fr. Giorgio Liccini.

NBC News/PNG Today

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