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ICAC is here to combat corruption in PNG, says PM Marape

 PNG Prime Minister  James Marape, MP, says the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is here to combat corruption.

He made this known at the launching of the four-lane upgrade project for the Gerehu Drive Road to Nigibata Road.

“ICAC will protect the systems of government against corruption and dishonest behaviour,” Prime Minister Marape said.

He said the ICAC was there to ensure there was an avenue for whistle blowers to report corrupt practices that they found happening in the dealings of politicians, public servants and businesses including contractors.

“Contractors, politicians and public servants must be paid what they are due and not more or less according to the scope of their work,” he said.

“Do not cheat the people out of what is rightfully due to them.”

The Prime Minister said over the years, there was a call for ICAC, and although previous governments had acknowledged the need for such a body, there was no political commitment.

He said there was no commitment by previous governments to get ICAC to Parliament for enactment.

Prime Minister Marape said there were just talks until his Government made a commitment to bring the Bill to Parliament and delivered on that commitment in 18 months.

He said the Government has now set up the ICAC to combat corrupt practises so when the Government brings in money, there is less chances of the money being stolen. 

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