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Court Orders Kandep Open Seat Recount

The Supreme Court has ordered a recount of votes for the Kandep Open Seat in Enga Province.

The three-men high court bench today ordered that the Electoral Commission conduct the recount within a month of this decision.

The National Court had on 4th July 2019 ordered a recount but the Member for Kandep, Alfred Manase, had gone to the Supreme Court to review that decision.

The Supreme Court today declined to review the National Court decision on the grounds that Mr. Manase's lawyers did not satisfy the court with their arguments for a review.

It also ordered that the recount be done at a venue outside of Enga and that it be conducted by counting officials, not from the province, and have not been engaged in the election.

The court further ordered the result of the recount is presented to the court in February 2021.


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