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PNG University of Technology to Pilot Root Top Solar Energy Program

 The Papua New Guinea University of Technology becomes the first institution in the country to pilot a roof top solar energy program for the university.

The rooftop solar program will be carried out by the university’s Department of Electrical Engineering this year with the installation of solar panels on the department’s roof top to generate power for the department.

It is anticipated that the project will also extend to other departments in the near future.

The University’s administration has allocated K300, 000 to the Department to carry out the pilot project this year.

PNG Unitech Vice Chancellor, Dr Ora Renagi said that the university must be at the forefront of demonstrating what be done by utilising the solar resources that are readily available, and assist the university in cutting down electricity cost.

“Our engineering students and academics will be engaged in the program to enable our students to be well trained for the industry,” said Dr Renagi.

“When these students graduate they will also go out and can fit into their field and deliver good services to our people.”

“We can’t teach them theory only, however, with program, students can become experts of these programs so when they can be engaged by the industry to install solar systems all over the country.”

Department of Electrical Engineering Acting Head of Department Dr Moses Kavi who will be the lead engineer in the roof top solar program said the project will cover 889 square meters and they expect to deliver 190 kilowatts of electricity to their department.

He said with such power, the department can run all its lighting and cooling systems by just using the solar power generated.

Dr Kavi said the University annually pays over K2 million for electricity and such program if rolled out to other academic building rooftops could substantially save money for the university and government.

He hopes to continue roll out the program to the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics Departments, and then to other academic buildings at the university.

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