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Polye wants Judges, Lawyers punished

Former Kandep open MP, Don Poly wants penalties applied to irresponsible judges and lawyers . Mr. Polye released the following statement.

"I have been advising and guiding all parties including Alfred Manase that the Courts should not be abused for political expediency! The court has just proven me correct.

In saying so, I knew very well that the Slip application would fail. It was very obvious to fail. The attempt made by the Alfred Manase counsel was totally out of context and even the most illiterate in Kandep knew it. So, I am not suprised.

However, let me highlight few points for future knowledge:

1. Alfred Manase's Counsel knowingly abused the court by filing the Slip application. This was not the first time this counsel was clearly seen to be abusing the Judiciary process. It was not fair and just for a lawyer to do anything whether proper or not for the sake of a desperate client equally cultured to do anything devoid of respecting judiciary and rule of law.

I call on some penalties to be determined for irresponsible lawyers who indirectly defy court orders through taking full advantage of the goodness of the PNG court system.

2. Judges, who abuse their immunity by handing down rogue decisions like, "granting leave " without having "given dispensation, " should be questioned and punished too. That includes those judges who openly and publicly take sides with their political masters without respecting the need for impartiality. PNG has NO space for fools and  rogues who sit on the judge's chairs who have little or no idea on justice, judgements and their implications on the society.

3. I have experienced that the National and Supreme Courts' Rules are part of the impediment to speedy conclusions of Election petitions. For instance, interlocutory applications allowed all throughout the Court processes is totally unnecessary.! The only  utility valves that should be created for the addressing of intermediary grievences should be specifically established like "no case Submissions " or the " leave to seek dispensation and granting of leave " for judicial reviews.

The courts process should be shortened without losing adjudication of justice and faireness in the system. There is no point in not changing the present court process or system that diverts attention away from the merits and good conscience of justice and  substances in the evidence  of a petiton.

4. I am happy with the dismissal of the Application seeking for leave for a slip rule application by the Supreme Court. It was the CORRECT DECISION. I am urging all parties to implement the  Court decision by effecting the RECOUNT TO GO AHEAD.

Finally, I urge the people of Kandep to remain loving, happy and trouble free.

I thank the people of PNG for their strongest, steadfast support to my leadership.

Let's not grow tired of being  Loving  and a happy people, PNGEANS.


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