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PNG Country Party Leader Chris Haivata deserts his own party to join ruling Pangu party

GULF Governor Chris Haiveta  has deserted his own PNG Country Party  to join the ruling  Pangu Pati after accepting Prime Minister James Marape’s invitation for unification.

Mr Haiveta  urged  other MPs to put their political differences aside and focus on the nation’s urgent issues immediately including the surge in COVID-19 infections and the nation’s current ailing economy.

Chris Haivata with other MPs who joined the Pangu Party

“I am returning home to Pangu without any strings attached. I want to build the party with Prime Minister James Marape as a leader. I will bring the older Pangu network back into the party,” Mr Haiveta told the Sunday Bulletin.

When asked to comment on Facebook posts of an imminent government cabinet reshuffle, Mr Haiveta said: “Reshuffle is the Prime Minister’s prerogative. I have no idea and as such have not talked about this.”

The Gulf Governor further announced in a statement during the Easter weekend that his joining  Pangu Pati is a ‘deliberate move to deliver prosperity and a better future for the people of Gulf’ as well as the nation as a whole.

Mr Haiveta has a strong connection to Pangu Pati extending about 30 years. During the 1990’s, Mr Haiveta was Pangu Paty Parliamentary leader and has served as Deputy Prime Minister on two occasions and was also Opposition Leader.

“I have returned to Pangu Pati. I have made this decision  over a period of months, with deliberate attention on what benefits the people of Gulf Province. Stability is critical for our nation’s recovery and this needs to start now for the government. I want to lead the way in putting our political differences aside; we must focus on our nation’s issues immediately,” Mr Haiveta said.

“Today is a positive step as I return to Pangu Pati. This move provides me interaction with government, greater consultation with the Prime Minister and an ability to shape the future of PNG positively.

“For over 40 years, I have served as a public official. I have experienced many positive moments in PNG. However, PNG is suffering across many sectors. Our people are feeling the impact with fewer jobs, lost employment and SME’s struggling to survive.

“I thank the Prime Minister and the executive of Pangu Pati for the endorsement. Country Party will join government with a longer-term commitment of stability and a future of partnering into the 2022 election. I am now home once again to serve Pangu Pati and the people of PNG,” Mr Haiveta said.

Sunday Bulletin / PNG Today

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