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PNG Plans to bring Overseas Police Personnel to assist in 2022 Elections

 Papua New Guinea is planning to bring overseas police personnel to assist in 2022 general elections. There is a  proposal to have police personnel from Australia and New Zealand assist local police in the upcoming National General Elections which  have to be a government to government approach.

Papua New Guinea Police Minister William Onglo told the NBC Government Talkback show, for instance with Australia under the present 10-year Memorandum of Understanding which expires in June 2022 - the Australian Federal Police are only engaged for capacity building, technical expertise and advisory roles.

Mr. Onglo says the proposal is being discussed but is not possible at this stage due to a lot of factors like immunity among others.

''Apart from immunity, it's their government's call so yes it's a government to government thing,'' said Onglo.

Meantime, Police Commissioner David Manning has highlighted similar sentiments -adding that engagement of international police personnel will also potentially bring about serious constitutional issues. 

He says, there is a slim chance of having police personnel from abroad assisting with operational duties.

Mr Onglo, says despite proposals for international police personnel engagement in upcoming elections - as a sovereign nation, he is proud and confident of the country's police force.

NBC News / PNG Today

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