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PNG Government to Amend Laws on Dangerous Drugs

The Papua New Guinea  Government through the Police Department will be bringing a submission to Cabinet in this sitting of Parliament to have the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 amended.

Police Minister William Onglo [left] and Commissioner of Police David Manning[right]

This is at the back of several high profile drug busts in the country which is seeing perpetrators not severely penalized.

The latest Methamphetamine drug haul involved the owner of a prominent hotel in Port Moresby who had a well set up mini laboratory that was producing drugs, however, Police were unable to charge him due to a lack of clear legislation.

Police Minister William Onglo told the NBC Government Talkback show last night, back in the early nineties - those drugs were not known and so the legislation did not capture them.

He says, however, Government is mindful of this and has formalized necessary amendments to the Act.

Commissioner of Police David Manning explains that the capacity of police in enforcing the amended laws, expertise and other accompanying laws among others are vital things to consider as well.

NBC / PNG Today

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