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PNG To conduct National Census in 2023

The Papua New Guinea government will carry out the National Census for the country will commence in 2023.

The country's Prime Minister James Marape announced this in Parliament yesterday.

He said this to prepare for the upcoming elections, as well as having an identification system for the country.

The last national census was held in PNG in 2011.

It was supposed to be carried out in 2021 but never eventuated.

"We will do a deep census next year and on into 2024 so that by 2025, our nation is totally certain on our population. You are a real person living in our country, and ID system whether it's a physical ID or a biometric based ID."

"These are things we are looking at. Not only for voting but for law and order, for business registration, for SME programs. These are matters that we as government are proposing, especially relating to the voting process," said Mr. Marape.

NBC News / PNG Today 

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