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PM Marape reassures Vanuatu of PNG'S Support after Cyclone Judy and Kevin

 Papua New Guinea PRIME Minister  James Marape has offered the country’s support to Vanuatu after the disasters brought on by tropical cyclones Judy and Kevin.

PM Marape today (05.03.23) offered his sympathies to the people of Vanuatu and said Papua New Guinea stood ready to assist its Melanesian brother regain its footing after natural disasters hit the island nation beginning Friday last week.

PM Marape reassures Vanuatu  of  PNG'S Support after Cyclone Judy and Kevin 

Vanuatu, now in a declared State of Emergency, was first hit by a Category 4 tropical Cyclone Judy and, two days later, by Cyclone Kevin, with winds measuring up to 230 kilometres an hour, according to the Fiji Meteorology Service. On Friday (03.03.23), two earthquakes registering 6.5 and 5.4 in magnitude also hit the island nation. No casualties have been reported as yet but hundreds of people remain in emergency evacuation centres in the Capital of Port Vila.

Prime Minister Marape said he was very concerned at the news and said his government would do everything to help the people of Vanuatu overcome these disasters.

"I am very concerned to hear this news of destruction and damage brought about by the cyclones," said PM Marape.

"Our Pacific island states are prone to natural disasters of all kinds and the smaller island countries feel the effects even more than bigger countries like PNG. As Pacific people, we always stand together united to face these challenges.

"Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu share a long history of working together and at this time when our Melanesian wantok needs our help once more, we will give the needed support to help the affected people of Vanuatu rebuild their lives in the aftermath of Cyclone Kevin," said the Prime Minister.

Various areas of PNG such as West New Britain have also been affected by the recent strong winds and rain. 

PM Marape said assessments of the damages would be carried out and government support also given to affected Papua New Guineans.

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