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PNG DICT request for Information for Critical Government Services

The Papua New Guinea Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is now calling for Request for Information (RFI) for critical Digital Government Services.

This is in alignment with the Digital Government Act 2022 and the GovPNG Technology Stack, which the Government of PNG through DICT is requesting for information on service provision, solutions, and or capabilities pertaining to:

(1) Cyber Advisory Service

(2) Digital ID Ecosystem,

(3) eGovernment Portal Solutions,

(4) Internet Payment Gateway Solutions,

(5) Interoperability - Secure Data Exchange Platform.

The purpose of these RFIs is to gather information and explore potential solutions to establish a secure, reliable, and cost-effective infrastructure for government agencies to drive innovation and improve the delivery of digital services to citizens, businesses and within government. Thus, we are requesting for interested parties to submit as appropriate or share to interested parties.

These RFIs are for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute an expressed or implied solicitation or a commitment by the PNG Department of ICT to procure any products or services.

Any procurement that may arise from these RFI will be subject to separate solicitations, adhering to the public sector procurement best practices, including transparency, fairness, and competitiveness.

Both national and international Service Providers are invited to participate in the RFI.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to receiving your response before respective closing dates (see RFI for Closing Date).

All RFI’s must be labelled correctly and emailed to rfi@ict.gov.pg.

Click on this link to access FULL information on the RFI:  DICT

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